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How to Restructure your Parenting Roles After Divorce

The divorce is finally over. All the decisions have been made and legal matters settled. Now you have to figure out how to make it work for the sake of your children and yourself. It's time for a new beginning. In the parenting classes at we can help you find the answers.

After a divorce you need to redefine and restructure your parenting role because now you're dealing with parents living in two separate households . You also need to and learn how to communicate with your ex-spouse as a co-parent and not a partner. You will also need to redefine your personal life and develop new social ties.

So how do you manage separate households?

You will need to come to the realization that the old household is gone. Put your efforts into making your new household comfortable and pleasant. You now have the opportunity to express your own creativity in decorating the new place. Make your new home a place where you and your kids will be comfortable. Make it a fun place to live in. Let the kids decorate their own rooms.

How do you reconnect as single parents rather than partners?

One of the most difficult tasks to learn is how to be co-parent while you're no longer partners. This can be achieved if both of you can adopt a shared and respectful role while at the same time respecting the other ex-partner's time and schedule. Call and let them know if you're going to be late or need to change the schedule. Do not comment on their lifestyle or household to the children or criticize them in anyway. It will only force the children to be stuck in the middle of a power struggle.

Life goes on after a divorce. There is a likeihood that a new companion may be entering your ex-partner's life. Remember you are always the parent of your child and nobody can take that from you. Encourage your children to strive for good relations with new people in their lives. Don't subject them to your emotions.

How do you develop new social ties for yourself?

Isolating yourself from social events following a divorce is not healthy. In order to be a healthy parent you need to develop a new form of support for yourself by making new friends, attending events with co-workers or reconnecting with old friends. Become involved in a new organization, sports club, church or a support group. In order to find new friends you have to take the first step.

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