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Co-Parenting Classes in All 50 States is a completely online parenting program that meets the requirements for all states for those seeking to take a Parent Education and Family Stabilization course. 

You do not need to be a divorced or separated family to take a co-parenting class.  Many intact families take a co-parenting class to learn how to co-parent their children successfully and how to get on the same page in raising their children in a structured household.  All parents sometimes differ in their parenting styles and offers new ways to think about co-parenting to bring down the stress between parents.   Children are much happier when parents are on the same team!

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Approved Program for Court and Legal Requirements

Our online parenting program is an ideal resource for those seeking to take an approved and accepted parenting program in each state of the US. Our online format is easy to use, you don't need any special downloads or computer software and it can be completed quickly.

Your certificate will reflect that you took a parenting class from a licensed marriage and family therapist. Kathy Garber is the author of the widely used anger management book Stop Anger, Be Happy and well as Parenting By Design. Register for a Co-Parenting Class

See the approval letter from the State of Florida Department of Families and Children showing that we comply with Florida Statute 61.21

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