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Finding a Parenting Class

Selecting a quality online parenting class can be a real problem for consumers. Keep in mind when making your decision of which parenting class to choose that not all online programs are equal in quality. If you are required to take a parenting or co-parenting class you are probably under enough stress already and choosing a reliable source can only add to the frustration. Before choosing an online parenting class go through the following simple check list:

Online Parenting Class Check List

  • Who is teaching the program and what qualifications do they have to teach an online parenting program? Ask about who is teaching the class and their educational background. What skills do they have to work with you in a psychoeducational capacity? A certificate signed by a licensed professional will carry more weight with the courts.
  • Is the program accepted by any court systems? Has any court in your county or state accepted a certificate offered by the parenting class?
  • How long has the company been in business? How long have they been offering online parenting classes? Do they offer face-to-face services?
  • Can a judge, probation officer, attorney, mediator or therapist contact the company to ask questions? How can a professional verify your participation in the program?
  • What will you learn in the parenting class? Ask for an outline of the curriculum. Does it suite your needs? Does the person offering the program understand the difference between a parenting and co-parenting class? Level 1 and Level 2 programs? Will you actually walk away with parenting skills or just a certificate?
  • How is the class offered? By that I mean sometimes programs offer such high tech online services that not all users will have the capability of understanding how to work the program. Make sure the program is designed to be used by everyone. Your computer may not provide the technology you need for high tech programs and software.

There is a myth that the more you pay for the parenting class the better the program. A quality program can be offered at a good price. There are many licensed therapists offering quality programs at a fraction of the price of their peers. It doesn't mean the programs are low in quality. It means that different therapists have different ideas about their services and how they bring them to the public.

The key for any parenting class is who is behind the screen teaching you and if they are qualified to be to offering parenting classes to the public. If you would like more information on parenting, parenting classes or therapy, please visit us .

At you are being taught by a licensed marriage and family therapist with years of experience in the court systems. We offer what you need in a parenting class at a price you can afford. Contact to sign up for a parenting class now!

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