Parenting Class Online

Find Out How Our Online Parenting Class Works

Step 1: Register for Class

Register for class by inputting your information.


Step 2: Log In

Once you have filled out the registration form and paid for the class, you will have your own user name and password to enter and re-enter the course whenever you wish.

Step 3: Take the Class

Once you login through the members area, you will be asked for your court information. You will also be given instructions on how to proceed through the parenting class. There are 30 topics with easy to read materials. At the end of the program, you will take a short exam. You will need to pass the exam with at least an 80% grade. If you don't pass the parenting class the first time, you can take the exam until you do pass.

Step 4: Receive Your Certificate

Once you complete the exam, it will be reviewed by our staff, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. When you pass the exam, your certificate will be prepared and emailed. Certificates are usually reviewed and sent within 24 hours.

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