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Parenting Classes for California

Our court approved parenting class for the state of California is written by a licensed marriage and family therapist, Kathy Garber, who has years of experience working with the courts for parental self improvement. is one of the leading providers for online parenting classes at an affordable price. Our class is a parenting, co-parenting, family stabilization and divorce class all in one. No confusing registration. Take our parenting class and you get it all. Click here to register.

If you would like more than 4 hours on your certificate click the image below for more details.

Call 888-606-1962 if you need more than 4 hours

Parenting Class Tip: Sharing time together as a family is important. A great way to spend family time outside is bike riding. Even though you are riding on trails, safety is still important. Make sure to have properly fitted helmets for the entire family. Follow all rules of the trail and remember to start slowly and work up to longer rides. 

"I didn't think I needed a parenting class until I took I learned so much information and it was easy. I signed in an out and many times as I needed to get done." R.L. California

Also see an online resource for parenting in California.

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