Parenting Class Online

Parenting Class Certificate

You will get a free certificate emailed to you when you finish the class. This certificate has been accepted by the courts for over 11 years. However, if you are required to provide a stamped seal and an original signature, you may get one for 10.00.

Cost is $10

Dr. Kathy Garber is the founder of Center of Solutions, LLC where she works as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Anger Management Facilitator, Life and Family Strategist, Certified Mediator, Certified Online Therapist, Anger Management Evaluator, Certified Parenting Instructor, and Certified Relationship Specialist. She works with numerous Human Resource Departments, Probation Departments, and psychotherapists across the United States.

Kathy enjoys working with individuals and groups that teach successful anger management skills. She developed and designed Anger Management Online and Center of Solutions and is an active director of the programs. She is also the author of Stop Anger, Be Happy and also Parenting By Design.

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