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Our class is a parenting, co-parenting, family stabilization and divorce class all in one. It is written by, Kathy Garber, a licensed marriage and family therapist with years of experience working with parents and online psychoeducational classes for self improvement, courts and human resources. We know what the court requires in a parenting class for the state of Georgia and we get right to the point. Click here to Register.

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Parenting Class Tip: Parenting Class Tip: It's common for children to worry when experiencing changes in their life (either positive or negative) but when it lasts for more than a few weeks they may need help to avoid anxiety disorders or depression. If the home life is chaotic they may just need more structure in their life.�Whatever the cause it will help if the parent undestands what what the child is concerned about and reason with them to aswage their fears. If you would like more information on child development stages check out our parenting classes

For more infomation on parenting and divorce in Georgia see the Georgia Divorce Recovery.

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Dr. Kathy S. Garber is a convenient and affordable way for parents who are looking for new or improved parenting techniques, divorcing or for high conflict parents to fulfill a requirement for court, custody agreements and personal growth. You do not need to be court ordered to take this parenting class. This parenting class is geared to help all parents from all walks of life.