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Parenting Classes for Massachusetts

We offer a 3 in 1 class with parenting, co-parenting, family stabilization and divorce classes all in one. Our class is written by a licensed marriage and family therapist, Kathy Garber, who has years of experience working with parents and the courts. We know what the court requires in a parenting class for the state of Massachusetts. Click here to Register.

If you require more than 4 hours on your parenting class certificate for the state of Massachusetts click the image below for more information:

Call 888-606-1962 if you need more than 4 hours

Parenting Class Tip: Single parents often don't have enough time to spend with their children. However parents that take the time to build a close relationship with their child, even if only for a few hours a day, may prevent their teen from getting involved with the wrong crowd. Encouraging children to talk and being a good listener helps a child feel respected. Our parenting classes can teach you balance in parenting and how to schedule the important parenting tasks without over extending yourself.

For more infomation on parenting in Massachusetts, see Parents Helping Parents in Massachusetts.

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