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Teen Divorce Class

Often times when parents are separating or divorcing the kids not only get stuck in the middle, but we also tend to forget that they are going through the same exact emotions we are as adults. As adults we have a hard enough time comprehending what is happening during this most stressful time how can we expect our kids to work through divorce without a lot of parental support and guidance?

If you are going through a divorce or separation it is very important to answer your kid's questions, honor their hurt and try to get them the help they may need to transition through the process of divorce. We have put together a kid's class that is appropriate for ages 12-18 walking them through the process of divorce and helping them understand the emotions that go along with a separating family. They will get an ebook filled with good information about their feelings and how to process them. When they finish the ebook they will take a quiz and upon passing receive a certificate of completion in their name. This process teaches them that if you need help, help is available. Reaching out for help prepares them to understand that having hurt feelings during a devastating time in life is normal and that you can work through it with the proper tools.Register your Teen for a Divorce Class.

We cover:

The divorce is not about them
Five normal stages of grief
Alcohol and Drugs
Asking for help
Staying in touch
Getting stuck in the middle
Setting Boundaries
Assertive Communication
Developing a healthy inner voice
Blended families
Divorce terms

This class does not replace the valuable talks you will have with your children as they transition through your divorce. It was developed as a support for your kids so that they are actively working through the divorce process. We are hoping to set the stage for teens to work through life's problems moving forward in positive solutions. Register your Teen for a Divorce Class. offers nationally accepted online parenting classes,
co-parenting classes and divorce parenting classed. You can Register here.